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Single glass partitions are an economical and aesthetic solution that combines visual appearance and acoustic requirements. The advantage of single glass acoustic walls is excellent light flow and maximum transparency. The manufacturer represented by GRIESTU CENTRS, Maars Living Walls system Horizon, is installed in profiles with minimal height and can be combined with other Maars Living Walls wall systems, resulting in an elegant design and functionality.
The double glass partition systems fully meet privacy requirements, ensuring sound insulation up to 50 dB level.
Double glass partitions seamlessly integrate into modern work environments. Maars Living Walls manufacturer's double glass partitions feature practically invisible profiles, making any space incredibly aesthetic, open, and transparent.
Solid partitions provide an enhanced sense of privacy and security.
The products offered by Maars Living Walls allow for various combinations of materials in both vertical and horizontal divisions, enabling a wide range of design possibilities.
The flexible modular partition systems ensure seamless installation, utilizing painted, metal wood-imitation textures, and glass panel blocks.
Security is a priority in any public space, and fire safety is an important aspect of it. Therefore, when choosing a partition, the degree of fire resistance must also be taken into account to ensure optimal safety for both employees and visitors in the premises.
Moreover, in many public places such as schools, libraries, cultural institutions, etc., as well as in certain groups of rooms (such as stairwells), they must have the appropriate fire resistance class.
Maars Living Walls manufacturer's fireproof partitions have been tested up to Ei60.
Creating optimal room acoustics is one of the most important construction tasks.
Sound absorption determines the room's audibility. The energy of sound waves is absorbed or reflected by objects in the room, and it is necessary to regulate this within the space. To achieve appropriate sound absorption in a room, materials capable of damping sound waves should be chosen. Excellent acoustic performance in a room can be achieved by combining suspended ceilings with wall absorbers.
GRIESTU CENTRS offers acoustic wall panels from Knauf Ceiling Solutions and multifunctional wall M923 from Maars Living Walls.
If a space needs to ensure multifunctionality, then combining the highest design requirements with practical applicability, it will be provided by the Czech family company Liko-S.
Movable walls will allow the space to be divided quickly and effortlessly within a few minutes.
The products of the manufacturer Liko-S, Liko-Space, and Vacuwall self-loadbearing mobile panels provide up to 54dB of sound insulation.