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Sustainable solutions for comfortable spaces! Suspended modular ceilings are a safe choice in terms of construction ecology. They meet the requirements of design and functionality. Manufacturing technologies produce precise and high-quality edge finishes that are compatible with suspended ceiling system profiles. Suitable for indoor spaces with relative air humidity up to 90%. Get inspired by the range offered by manufacturers represented by GRIESTU CENTRS - Knauf Ceiling Solutions and Knauf Danoline.
Unlimited design possibilities! In the range of metal suspended ceilings, there are both grid and cassette types as well as slat ceilings. Their significant advantage lies in meeting the highest fire safety requirements. Open-type and perforated ceiling versions promote and enhance ventilation in spaces. Manufacturers represented by GRIESTU CENTRS, Durlum and Atena, are high-quality companies specialized in the production of metal suspended ceilings.
Suspended ceiling structures are the foundation for creating a modular system. Each component is designed for load-bearing capacity to ensure precise installation, durable, and safe results for the system as a whole. The installation of suspended ceiling structure systems is quick and simple, available in various designs. For the creation of suspended modular ceiling system solutions, GRIESTU CENTRS distributes powerful product brands Cogi and Atena.